This year I attended to my first ever KDE Sprint, it was at Berlin, and the work focuses on a super unique project: Plasma Mobile.

I have been working on the MauiKit framework, and the Maui set of apps for almost a year now. Some of those apps are going to be shipped with Plasma Mobile by default, so my main work consisted of bringing those apps up to date, work on missing features, and fix bugs along the way.

I also worked a little on getting acquainted with the Plasma Mobile shell, its plasmoids, how they work, and how it is structured since I will eventually be hacking on it and start contributing. It is good to get used to it since I’ve wanted since forever to work on a convergent launcher that can be used on desktop computers and phones, so there might appear a new option eventually.

So the big overview is that all the apps are now using a better modeling system that allows having better control over the content, got a cleaner UI interface, and gained some features along the way.


A lot of work went into improving the mobile-ready file manager, Index.

It now makes use of a proper model system, and it is powered by a back-end provided by MauiKit FM (file management tools) that now allows sorting the content by title, size, modified date, etc.. it can also group files and folders by categories and sort folders first.

The UI was cleaned up, and now everything is more user-friendly.

You can also do searches, although this feature still needs some work.

The places sidebar now can show badges counting new files.

There is still a lot of work to be done for Index and is under active development; you should expect more from this app pretty soon.


Vvave is the music player, and I managed to improve the whole model system completely, and now it is a lot cleaner, faster, and mature.

Also, thanks to the quick visit from a designer from the Gnome team, Vvave, and the other apps got a little UI clean up.

So, now Vvave can sort tracks, albums, and artists, and the currently playing playlist is smoother and more precise.


Buho saw some work on the Editor component, which allows taking the notes. And also a complete rework of the modeling, allowing to sort the notes and links saved.


Although Pix, the image viewer, is not going to be shipped by default, I also worked on it since it should be available for early users to test.

Now the image viewer can zoom in and out using the pinch gesture, and the UI got cleaned up.

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