Maui Shared Tagging system is a small but essential part of a bigger idea being designed and developed for the Maui Project.

Such idea is to have a set of essential apps that are cohesive on the UI and UX design level and that shared their parts (controls/widgets/components/data) between each other, meaning that they are modular and connected. Those parts are being contained on the MauiKit project and being used on all the current Maui apps, such as Index, Pix, VVAVE, Buho and Cinema.

The idea is to share not only the UI components but also the information that each application has over the specific file types it manages; for that labor, initial work is being done on a shared tagging system.

Such a shared tagging system allows the Maui apps to have access to part of the information contained on each application.

For example, VVAVE generates tons of tags around each music file, such as composer, producers, stats, artist info, etc.. with the shared tagging system, such information can now be browsed and discovered through whatever other Maui app, such as Index, the file manager. The same happens with Pix and the tags added to albums or image files.

With this shared tagging system, there is the option of much more easily browsing your tagged phone files from your desktop, since Maui apps can be used on Android or Plasma Mobile. So the tags used on your phone can be accessed from your desktop and vice-versa.
There will be an integration between the user different devices running the Maui apps to sync and share the tags on local networks, and maybe in the future, an online platform. (This should probably be discussed due to questions regarding privacy and such)
Maui Tagging system is now part of MauiKit, and the plan is to work on an integration interface with KDE Baloo system on GNU Linux distributions, while keeping a simple working system on other platforms such as Android, IOS, Mac OSX, Windows, etc.

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