Hi, and welcome to this week’s weekly summary. This week’s recap is the third overall and the third for October 2019.

MauiKit Development

  • Fixed the issue of Index AppImage, not listing files and folders. It was due to KIO I/O slave plugins not being included in the AppImage.
  • We are working on automating the Maui AppImage generation.


  • Implemented the confirmation feature for potentially dangerous operations in znx.
  • znx passes another kernel parameter: znx_dev_uuid, which corresponds to the partition holding the image. This parameter enhances the reliability of the boot process.


  • Added a repository to use as a bug and feature request tracker for MauiKit and Maui Applications.
  • We have updated our ISO files to include the version of sudo not affected by (CVE-2019–14287).
  • We have created a Bountysource App Request as a means of users request applications that are not available as an AppImage and as a means of funding Nitrux.
  • Improve our tooling for generating AppImages like copier and aw (AppImage wrapper).


  • Setup stable ISO delivery to use HTTP instead of Torrent for ease of use.


  • Showcasing VMetal. This video shows how simple the initial configuration is to run VMetal on Nitrux. VMetal allows Nitrux users to run Windows software while using their Nitrux system. The original audio is in Spanish, English subtitles are available.

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