As a follow-up to my interview by IT’S FOSS where I mentioned that “[…]Another instance of why Nitrux is not Ubuntu is that, for example, you could potentially have an AppImage to use Pacman on Nitrux, and that, of course, wouldn’t mean that Nitrux is based on Arch.[…]” We decided to, well, do just that.

So, without further ado, I present to you, PNX.

PNX (originally Pacman for Nitrux) allows users to install software from Linux distributions that use the Pacman package manager on other Linux distributions that don’t use it without interfering with the distributions default package manager. By including PNX, it does not mean that the Pacman package manager is utilized by Nitrux to manage the operating system, but it is instead an option that, in addition to Homebrew, aims to fill the gap where an AppImage of any given program might not be available.

PNX by default utilizes the Arch Linux repositories, and it currently doesn’t have support for AUR (or similar) repositories. You can find its source code here.

PNX is still a WIP.


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