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That was the slogan for our campaign following the release of Nitrux version 1.0 in June 2017. Steadily we’ve been creating, coding, and implementing new features.

Today, we put forward another milestone for the future of Nitrux: znx.

But before we talk about znx, let’s talk about OSTree.

What is OSTree

libostree is both a shared library and suite of command line tools that combines a “git-like” model for committing and downloading bootable filesystem trees, along with a layer for deploying them and managing the bootloader configuration.

What does it all mean, well it means that:

  • ostree is an updating system with a focus on atomic upgrades. An “everything or anything” policy. As read on the documentation, “you will boot on either the old or the new filesystem tree,” meaning that the system performs safe updates, except if the hardware fails.
  • ostree can be better used with filesystems that provide a logging or journaling mechanism (that will be found on almost every modern Linux filesystem these days) in order to increase the safety of the updates.
  • ostree is intended as a tool to manage one or more root filesystems instead of creating them. An administrator is supposed to perform such a task.
  • ostree works alongside the bootloader and the system in charge of the initramfs’ generation to be able to determine which of the existent directory trees will be the root filesystem.
  • ostree saves bandwidth by downloading just the missing or modified part of the filesystem or the files. That means faster updates in most cases.
  • ostree helps to provide predictable environments. In some sense, this can behave similarly to a container in that it has an immutable underlying base, on top of which you add custom content. This is especially helpful for developers and good practice in general.
  • ostree eliminates the need for formatting the disk to update the system or install another one. That can be achieved by just by copying files.

What is znx

znx is a tool (just in theory for now) that can achieve ostree’s ideals, but in a better way.

As Luis Lavaire, our developer at Nitrux, puts it:

Don’t confuse “simplicity” with “lack of power,” “poor performance,” or “badly implemented standards,” and so on. On the contrary, smaller tools that “do one thing, and do it well,” are the building blocks for bigger, complex structures. Right now, I’ve just worked on the concepts and the underlying technologies that could support it. The idea would be very similar to this one, but more integrated with the system, allowing updates to be performed.


At Nitrux, we work every day to make it your go-to desktop operating system. Ultimately our work will result in an easier, more efficient distribution. Simpler to manage and to use. Our continued work with AppImage with our Nomad Software Center and our intention to create tools like znx embody our values: Help the user get their job done.

About Nitrux

Nitrux is a tech-startup based in Mexico. Founded in 2012, we’re highly involved in Open Source and Linux. We’ve collaborated with highly successful organizations such as KDE, and currently, we’re working on our Linux flavor, Nitrux OS.