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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

– Peter Drucker

These changes are now a reality, and we are happy to present a pre-release ISO image of Nitrux 1.1. Both of our projects, MauiKit, and znx make their debut in this pre-release of Nitrux.

Maui Applications

The applications are also available for Android except for the Software Center.

For this pre-release, we have not replaced the KDE counterparts just yet since the primary focus is to receive feedback to improve the applications before we can do the switch.


What does it do?

How is it different than using an installer?

Where is my data stored then?

Alright, but what would be the benefits of using znx?

Notes about using znx

Software Center

Automatically lists AppImage files which then can be parsed by the Software Center, meaning that there’s no central repository to maintain and as a user you are getting the files directly from the developer.

Notes about the Software Center

Deploying Nitrux 1.1.0

Reporting issues