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Today is the day! — Nitrux 2.2.0 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 2.2.0. This new version brings together the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and ready-to-use hardware support.

Nitrux 2.2.0 is available for immediate download.

📜 Table of Contents

  1. What’s new
  2. Download
  3. Known issues
  4. Notes
  5. Report bugs
  6. Changelog history
  7. Resources
  8. PSA

✨ What’s new

We recommend performing a fresh installation using the latest available media for new distribution users. For users of the previous version (2.1.1), please check the Notes.

The 5.17.12 XanMod stable kernel is now the default in the distribution.

  • We have used version 5.17.12 of the XanMod kernel instead of 5.18.1 due to the package broadcom-sta-dkms failing to build the module using dkms (again).
    • However, unlike last month, building the driver with dkms also fails on an installed system.

We offer the latest (as of this post) mainline non-LTS kernels from our repository, 5.17.11.

  • To install or reinstall either kernel, run one of the following commands.
sudo apt install linux-image-mainline-current

We also offer the latest (as of this post) Liquorix kernel from our repository, currently 5.17.0-12.1.

  • To install either of these kernels, run one of the following commands.
sudo apt install linux-image-liquorix

We also offer the latest (as of this post) non-LTS Libre kernel from our repository, 5.17.12.

  • To install either of these kernels, run one of the following commands.
sudo apt install linux-image-libre-current

We’ve updated the following components of the distribution. For other information, see Notes.

  • We have added two ISOs that include the Nvidia proprietary driver without our X11 configuration by default.
    • These ISOs are not served from this website’s front-end but only from the links below.
      • Both ISO files use NX Desktop.
    • The first of these ISO files includes the latest (as of this post) version of the Nvidia proprietary driver (510.73.05), and the second of these ISO files includes the Legacy Nvidia proprietary driver (390.151). It’s targeted at computers using Nvidia hardware unsupported by the latest driver and where Nouveau doesn’t work adequately.
    • For some laptops, it may be necessary to add our X11 configuration for PRIME to work correctly.
      • For more information, see Notes.
  • We have added more packages containing Broadcom firmware to improve hardware support.
  • We have updated the AMD Vulkan open-source driver, AMDVLK.
  • We have added vkBasalt.
  • We have updated all the Maui Apps, MauiKit, and MauiKit frameworks to version 2.1.2.

MauiKit and Maui Apps 2.1.2.

“Apprepo is a non-profit volunteer project.”

Updated NX Software Center.

  • We have added a new Maui App, Bonsai.

Bonsai is a Git repository manager built with MauiKit, similar to the GitHub Desktop client.

  • We have added a package that includes utilities to detect and configure printers automatically and a PolicyKit helper to configure cups with fine-grained privileges.
  • We have updated our KWin configuration to organize the windows in a grid when the Overview effect is activated.
  • We have updated the following packages: amd64-microcode and linux-firmware, which include new firmware files and avoid file conflicts.
  • We have updated MESA to version 22.2.

We’ve fixed or closed the following issues in the distribution; see Report bugs.

We’ve removed the following components from the distribution.

  • We have removed Pacstall.
  • We have removed the Software Update KCM.

We’ve updated the minimal ISO to the same base as the main release.

📥 Download

Here are various ways to download our ISOs and virtual appliances.

Checksums (MD5).

badbae9dcb629ad2946b8aa64c59fbf2 - nitrux-nx-desktop-20220602-amd64.iso
cecace672222cbe7c14dc500a65ca572 - nitrux-minimal-jwm-20220602-amd64.iso
6b71a4b317237e8c2cdcec3398a116be - nitrux-nx-desktop-nvidia-latest-20220602-amd64.iso
906fb27ca5fda6642478d6ff74e00073 - nitrux-nx-desktop-nvidia-legacy-20220602-amd64.iso

ISO build log (Travis CI).

Open the ISO file with a file archiver to see the build commit the information, and open the “.INFO” text file. When reporting bugs, please add this information to review the build log. All of our ISO files (past and present) contain this file.

  • Build logs.

⛔ Known issues

To see a list of known issues, click here.

🗒 Notes

To see a list of release notes, click here.

🐞 Report bugs

To report bugs, please use our bug tracker on GitHub.

📝 Changelog history

To see a list of previous changelogs, click here for the changelogs archived at our site, or click here for the changelogs archived at Sourceforge.

📰 Resources

Here are various articles, tutorials, and other information directly on our blog.

📌 Post-release announcements

Here’s a list of post-release service announcements for this version of Nitrux.