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OEMs can easily deploy Nitrux using znx to newly built PCs and prepare the device for shipping to end users. The operating system will come ready to use when users fire up their new computers.


Deliver updates in a significantly more accessible manner than ever before and giving users the peace of mind of a stable operating system. With znx, you can forget all about using installers and partitioning your storage device. znx allows you to quickly deploy multiple operating systems on one run with a simple approach.


AppImage provides a way for upstream developers to offer “native” binaries for Linux users just the same way they could do for other operating systems. It allows packaging applications for any common Linux based operating system, e.g., Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, etc. AppImages come with all dependencies that cannot be assumed to be part of each target system in a recent enough version and will run on most Linux distributions without further modifications.

AppImages are the preferred format for end-user software distribution Nitrux. OEMs can customize the operating system by adding AppImage files to the default list of Applications that come with the operating system.

Custom OEM software with MauiKit

OEMs can create custom software to bundle with the operating system utilizing MauiKit. MauiKit is a free and modular front-end framework for developing fast and compelling user experiences.

The inclusion of third-party software

It is highly discouraged to include third-party software that doesn’t come from Nitrux or the OEM for privacy and security reasons. Even if the party is trustworthy, an OEM’s customer’s security and privacy are now at stake if third parties are compromised, reuse their password on multiple services, etc.

OEM branding

Nitrux can be personalized using the manufacturer’s branding in places like the GRUB boot menu, Plymouth boot screen, the Plasma loading screen, and the desktop wallpapers.

First boot

Once the computer is shipped to the end user and is booted up for the first time, the user will see the welcome wizard where the user will be able to configure the system. Change the language, keyboard layout, add more software, etc.


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Brand resources

View the Nitrux logos, brand usage guidelines, color palette, and community logo.

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