Today May 28, 2021, during a routine reverse search of the term “MauiKit,” we came across a rather surprising finding, a Xamarin Technical Partner, UXDivers, had recently started to use a previously registered but unused domain, Once again, we find ourselves in a rather unfortunate situation as we’re facing very similar circumstances as last year with Xamarin itself.

Banner found at UXDivers website.



As per the ICANN lookup website, the domain was created on the 21st of May 2020. Coincidentally, this is exactly the month when last year Xamarin (a Microsoft subsidiary) decided to rebrand their UI framework “Xamarin.Forms” to “MAUI,” to be specific, it was registered two days after we raised this problem with Xamarin at their GitHub repository. lookup information.

However, this avoidable situation seems to go even further as the product displayed in the domain is a UXDivers product called Grial Kit; this product already had a website at It is, therefore, with good reason that we believe that this is an effort to capitalize on the traffic that, our website, receives to steer developers away from our framework. UXDivers’ actions seem deliberate as the content of the domain is almost identical to that of


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As we mentioned during last year’s conflict with Xamarin.

Even going back as far as checking the registration of the original domain  which dates back to 2018-05-06, and the current (which is under KDE infrastructure), which dates back to 2018-09-21, it’s relatively easy to observe that the Maui Project predates this rebranding by Microsoft.

Pinned tweet at Grial Kit Twitter account, dated May 27th, 2021.

This situation leads us to think that UXDivers, might be considering renaming their product “Grial Kit” to MauiKit, as indicated in this tweet. Once again, we hope that this situation is resolved with civility and efficacy. We want to remain certain that these acts are not motivated by UXDivers being part of Xamarin’s Partner programs. However, these actions make us cautious of their true intentions.

We will contact them after looking for advice on this matter with the appropriate representation.

Finally, we would like to kindly ask the UXDivers team that develops this software to consider not going through with these changes. We think that UXDivers are knowledgeable enough to come up with a different name for their products easily. Lastly, we want to invite Xamarin to step in and talk with their partners to avoid future situations like this.

— Nitrux Latinoamericana S.C.