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One step further. Znx is the tool that helps the user manage multiple operating systems within a single storage device. It boots ISO images in a live environment, and everything goes fine until… well, until you want to save your data across reboots. znx had no proper way to help the user save their data before today. Yes! Today! Now, you can save your data across restarts.

The way it’s done now is not the best (but don’t be afraid, you won’t lose your data), nor the way we want to keep doing it either, because now, we are just providing a directory inside the user’s home directory; which can be used to save the data.

We expect to enhance this in the future by allowing both the /etc and the /home to save data persistently.

And this will require the bootloader to pass the kernel another parameter (the UUID of the storage device), and, as the images are immutable, the distribution developers should add that parameter to their images. We also encourage znx users to embrace the AppImage application format, because it will fit perfectly with znx workflow.

Also, regarding distribution developers, we encourage the adoption of the /usr merge.

You can check the latest changes here: