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Below is a list of post-release service announcements.

📌 PSA 03/08/22

PSA: We have delayed the release of new installation media for Nitrux 2.3.0. Users can install Nitrux 2.2.1 and upgrade the distribution to be up-to-date with newer installation media.

pkcon refresh && pkcon get-updates 
pkcon install openrc-config nitrux-repositories-config 
pkcon install openrc 
sudo reboot

Then after rebooting, do the following.

pkcon update
pkcon repair

To remove the previous kernel, do the following. Be aware that the Nvidia proprietary driver may not support Linux 5.19 yet.

pkcon remove --autoremove linux-image-5.18.14-xanmod1-x64v2 linux-headers-5.18.14-xanmod1-x64v2

📌 PSA 10/08/22

PSA: We have pushed new packages for the GNU C Library to our repositories.

To update, do the following.

  • W: Due to the nature of this change, we advise users to use the root account for this special occasion.
sudo -i
[as root]
apt -yy install libc6

We want to emphasize that users should use PackageKit (pkcon) to install Debian packages. The reason to use APT on this occasion is that PackageKit inexplicably fails to upgrade this package.

Disclaimer: We do not develop PackageKit, or its backend, APTCC.