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Below is a list of post-release service announcements.

📌 PSA 14/12/22

PSA: We’ve updated our package nitrux-repositories-config to avoid an issue during updates. To update, do the following.

pkcon refresh && pkcon get-updates
pkcon install nitrux-repositories-config
pkcon update

Also, make sure that our other meta-packages are present.

pkcon install nx-desktop-legacy 

🔰 Do not close the terminal window until all changes are applied

pkcon remove libkaccounts2
pkcon install nx-desktop-legacy

📌 PSA 20/12/22

PSA: We’ve updated our package nitrux-hardware-drivers-legacy to remove its dependency on broadcom-sta-dkms, as the package will not create the DKMS module with the latest Liquorix kernel or any Linux 6.1 kernel.

pkcon refresh && pkcon get-updates
pkcon install nitrux-hardware-drivers-legacy
pkcon remove broadcom-sta-dkms

Also, there are new packages for the GNU C Library available.

  • ⚠: Due to the nature of this change, we advise users to use the root account for this special occasion.
sudo -i
### Then, as root
apt -yy install libc6
  • ℹ We emphasize that users should use PackageKit (pkcon) to install Debian packages. The reason to use APT is because PackageKit inexplicably fails to upgrade this package.
  • ℹ In a fresh installation, it is necessary to update GNU Library C before doing an update.

Disclaimer: We do not develop PackageKit, or its backend, APTCC.