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Below is a list of post-release service announcements.

📌 PSA 20/08/23

PSA: We have updated the Nitrux Update Tool System to fix various issues that could result in the utility not working correctly. Additionally, we’ve included a check for devices using Nvidia GPUs that will avoid switching the kernel after an update due to how the Nvidia proprietary driver works with the Linux kernel.

To update nuts, do the following.

sudo overlayroot-chroot
mount -t devtmpfs dev /dev

#   Clone repository
git clone --depth=1 /nuts

#   Copy nuts and its config file to the root
cp /nuts/usr/bin/nuts /usr/bin
cp /nuts/etc/nuts.conf /etc

#   Optionally delete /nuts
rm -r /nuts

umount /dev

#   Reboot to load the changes to the overlay
sudo reboot