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Below is a list of post-release service announcements.

📌 PSA 10/07/24

PSA: In some setups, it may not be possible to correctly enter suspension (suspend to RAM), causing the computer not to power down correctly due to changes in the elogind configuration that affect which sleep method is used by default. We’ve tracked this issue at our bug tracker here. We’ve already prepared the fix for the next release of Nitrux. In the meantime, run the following command to enter suspension.

sleep 1 && loginctl lock-session && sleep 1 && echo mem | sudo tee /sys/power/state

In some computers, using s2idle (in /sys/power/mem_state) works with mem; in others, such as those with AMD graphics cards, it’s necessary to use deep. The kernel assigns this value from the available power states determined by the motherboard’s firmware. However, users can manually override it using the following kernel parameter.


📌 PSA 09/07/24

PSA: Today, we’ve released the OTA update archive for Nitrux 3.5.0. Run the following command to update the Nitrux Update Tool System and the distribution.

sudo nuts self-update
sudo nuts update
  • 🔰 Information: Unlike previous update archives, this OTA includes a new kernel selectable from the GRUB menu.