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Today is the day! — Nitrux 1.8.0 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 1.8.0. This new version brings together the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and ready-to-use hardware support.

Nitrux 1.8.0 is available for immediate download.

📜 Table of Contents

  1. What’s new
  2. Download
  3. Known issues
  4. Notes
  5. Report bugs
  6. Changelog history
  7. Resources

✨ What’s new

We recommend performing a fresh installation using the latest available media for new distribution users. For users of the previous version (1.7.1), please check the Notes.

The 5.15.11 LTS kernel is now the default in the distribution.

We offer the latest mainline LTS and (as of this post) non-LTS kernels from our repository, currently 5.15.11 and 5.14.21. respectively.

  • To install or reinstall either kernel, run one of the following commands.
sudo apt install linux-image-mainline-lts
sudo apt install linux-image-mainline-current

We’ve updated the LTS 5.4 kernel to version 5.4.168.

  • To install this kernel, run one of the following commands.
sudo apt install linux-image-mainline-lts-5.4

We also offer the latest (as of this post) Liquorix and Xanmod kernels from our repository, currently 5.15.0-11.1, 5.15.11, and 5.14.15-cacule, respectively.

  • To install either of these kernels, run one of the following commands.
sudo apt install linux-image-liquorix
sudo apt install linux-image-xanmod
sudo apt install linux-image-xanmod-cacule

We also offer the latest (as of this post) Linux Libre LTS and non-LTS kernels from our repository, currently 5.15.11 and 5.14.20, respectively.

  • To install either of these kernels, run one of the following commands.
sudo apt install linux-image-libre-lts 
sudo apt install linux-image-libre-current

We’ve updated the following components of the distribution. For a most extensive list of changes, see Notes.

  • KDE Plasma to version 5.23.4, KDE Frameworks to version 5.89.0, KDE Gear to version 21.12.0.
  • Firefox to version 95.0.
  • Kdenlive to version 21.12.0.
  • Pacstall to version 1.7.
  • Ditto menu to version 1.0.
  • The default Latte Dock layout has a pager and trashcan Plasmoid next to the task manager. Also, the top panel behavior changes with maximized windows by hiding the panel after 3 seconds.
  • Maui Apps now use CSD by default. To disable CSD edit the file ~/.config/org.kde.maui/mauiproject.conf.

  • The Calamares installer now will use the XFS filesystem to install the distribution.

We’ve added the following components to the default installation.

  • Added 113 AppArmor profiles.
  • Added two customizable pages for Plasma System Monitor to track I/O rates and available storage and GPU statistics like VRAM usage, GPU usage, frequencies, and temperature.
    • Please note that these pages need to be customized by users to match their hardware (this is not a bug). To do so, click the button labeled Edit Page. Then click on each widget and go to Sensors, and here you can select what sensor each widget will track.

  • Added four new wallpapers as a part of the announcement of Maui Shell. Cask (default), Zpace, and BASIC (with two variants).

  • Added Maui Shell for testing. Maui Shell is a convergent shell for desktops, tablets, and phones.
    • Maui Shell is composed of two parts:
      • Cask is the shell container and elements templates, such as panels, popups, cards, etc.
      • Zpace is the composer, which is the layout and places the windows or surfaces into the Cask container.

We’ve fixed the following issues in the default installation.

We’ve removed the following components from the default installation.

  • Plasma Wayland (session). Due to multiple reported problems (see Known issues #17 and #39) we’ve removed the Plasma Wayland session.

We’ve updated the minimal ISO to the same base as the main release.

📥 Download

Here are various ways to download our ISOs and virtual appliances.

Checksums (MD5).

2292fd6f523e0368b193fe7b3fbae32a nitrux-release-amd64_2021.12.27.iso
305d0b58f986db3af6568f1af1ab3fc1 nitrux-release-minimal-amd64_2021.12.26.iso

ISO build log (Travis CI).

Open the ISO file with a file archiver to see the build commit the information and open the “.INFO” text file. When reporting bugs, please add this information to review the build log. All of our ISO files (past and present) contain this file.

⛔ Known issues

To see a list of known issues, click here.

🗒 Notes

To see a list of release notes, click here.

🐞 Report bugs

To report bugs, please use our bug tracker at GitHub.

📝 Changelog history

To see a list of previous changelogs, click here for the changelogs archived at our site, or click here for the changelogs archived at Sourceforge.

📰 Resources

Here are various articles, tutorials, and other information directly on our blog.