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Hi, and welcome to this week’s weekly summary. This week’s recap is the eighth overall and the third for November 2019.


  • mkiso It can now generate ISO images that are fully compatible with Legacy BIOS.
  • synth doesn’t produce the .INFO file: it just passes the appropriate data to mkiso.
  • Refactoring of the code of synth.
  • Working together with AppImage devs. to create appimagebuilder to serve as a friendlier way to generate AppImages.

MauiKit Development

  • Move feature branches for MauiKit, Index, and VVvave into the development branch.
  • Index, VVave, Nota, and Pix are building using the newly introduced changes in MauiKit.
  • VVave and Index are working on Windows with some features missing for the file manager like the editor component for previewing text files due to ksyntaxhighlighting missing DLLs.


  • We have updated Compendium and FAQ to indicate that our ISOs can be flashed using common tools such as Rufus, Etcher, ROSA Image Writer, KDE ISO Image Write or the command-line utility dd.
  • We also updated content on the Compendium (English and Spanish) for clarification of our use of the term ‘deployment.’