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Hi, and welcome to this week’s weekly summary. This week’s recap is the fourth overall and the fourth for October 2019.


  • We fixed Issue #53 Libraries are not in the correct path Znx works in more distributions without the errors about library versions.
  • Znx can display a recovery option the boot menu; selecting this entry will boot the previous image, and is used by the revert feature.
  • The AppImage is built using util-linux 2.34, which is the latest version of the package.
  • The update URL of the AppImage now points to the correct binary release at GitHub.


  • Continuous releases are now available as stable and development binaries.


  • We have created an AppImage generation script to create files for Maui Applications.
  • The ISO images that are built using Travis CI now make use of the improved script in our tools repository.

MauiKit Development

  • Testing APKs for Maui Applications are made available for users interested in helping the development team troubleshoot the software before release. Join the group at Telegram.
  • MauiKit integrates new components called ActionSidebar and ToolActions.
  • Index automatically refreshes the sidebar when new tags are available.
  • VVave receives many fixes a new features such as URL structures instead of strings, improved launch time by moving loaders. The artwork is now once again correctly fetched from online sources, the MainPlaylist sidebar no longer overlaps other content, like menus and dialogs, the list delegates are using MauiKit SwipeDelegate component.
  • Pix is updated to incorporate the changes in MauiKit.


  • The Luv icon theme has been getting new icons to add support for Maui Applications.
  • Our exclusive license for artwork L.I.M.A. License has been updated to version 1.1. Its first update in four years.