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Hi, and welcome to this week’s weekly summary. This week’s recap is the ninth overall and the last for November 2019.


  • Fixed a bug in the command check-update. It was erroneously reporting updates availability.


  • Improved mkiso command-line scanning.


  • Updated znx-gui to fit with the latest changes in znx.
  • znx-gui asks for confirmation before performing the so-called “dangerous.” znx operations.
  • More relevant error messages are available now (issue #9).
  • More relevant success messages are available now (issue #14).

NX Software Center

  • List Appimages available from
  • Improve backend, list files by architecture.
  • Improve the handling of responses of OCS API.
  • We’ve updated code with the latest changes in MauiKit.
  • Initial work on the application page in the store view.
  • We are testing the architecture filtering in Plasma Mobile.


  • Release Nitrux 1.2.3. Check the Compendium for the release notes.
  • We’ve updated Nitrux Minimal to version 1.2.3.


  • Updated Welcome Wizard slides.