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Below is a list of post-release service announcements.

📌 PSA 05/05/24

PSA: The NX Software Center has been updated, and the problem with the application’s inability to download AppImages is fixed. The fixed AppImage is available immediately for download. We’re expecting to use this AppImage in the next Nitrux release. To download the fixed AppImage, go to the NX Software Center repository and click the button in the Download section.

📌 PSA 04/05/24

PSA: Today, we’ve updated the Nitrux Update Tool System to version 2.1.4 and released the OTA update archive for Nitrux 3.4.0. Run the following command to update the Nitrux Update Tool System and the distribution.

sudo nuts self-update
sudo nuts update

Run the following commands if the command above cannot update the Nitrux Update Tool System.

sudo overlayroot-chroot
mount -t devtmpfs dev /dev

find /usr/bin -type f -name "nuts" -exec rm {} \; && axel -o /usr/bin -c -n 10 "" && chmod +x /usr/bin/nuts

umount /dev

sudo reboot

After rebooting, use the Nitrux Update Tool System commands as usual.

📌 PSA 01/05/24

PSA: Thanks to one of our users, we’ve detected a significant problem with the latest release of the NX Software Center when attempting to download an AppImage by clicking the button with the filename. We’re investigating the issue. In the meantime, we recommend that users use the other supported and included methods to obtain new software listed in our tutorial, Using Nitrux: Software Management.

Please report issues with the NX Software Center at its repository.